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The one part of the music industry which seems to be thriving is litigation over copyright. This is very unfortunate as the winners will be very few, and it leads to intimidation of creative artists. I don’t defend deliberate plagiarism, but too often these law suits are a surprise to those being sued. They thought they were creating something original.

All music is similar to other music, it is just a matter of degree.  It is the fundamental property of music we enjoy. It resonates with what we have heard before.

Artificial Intelligence offers the possibility of characterising the degree of similarity of ALL  registered music to every other piece of registered music (plus all music out of copyright) and creating a public database of these cross-correlations. Then one could numerically assess whether the similarity exceeds the norm, and to what extent.

It might make the situation worse, but at least the little people would see the same data as the lawyers. Hopefully it would reveal that all our music is as similar as we are in our DNA.

The world needs music. We need to stop this madness. Perhaps AI can help.

Led Zeppelin to face copyright lawsuit over opening riff

Ed Sheeran is being sued for $20m over his track Photograph

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Richard Epworth on June 23, 2016 8:19 pm

Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism in Stairway case:

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