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Our Brain as Jukebox

Throughout our life we gradually accumulate experience of pieces of music that we listen to repeatedly.

Our “favourites” become embedded within our memory in rich detail.

The briefest sensation of a fragment of one of our favourites can trigger the playing of the extended piece within our mind.

Are these fragments your “favourites” too?

Can you can recognise them?

How long can you keep each memory track playing?

Favourite 1

Favourite 2

Favourite 3

Novelty in Music – Longer samples

Simple 3 image sequence hand claps from the song "We will Rock you", by Queen

3 sequenced images can trigger a piece of music.

This internal jukebox can be a lifeline in old age and dementia:

A musical “Awakening” – Oliver Sacks

And 3 sequenced images can even trigger a song!

Footnote: Though I have little musical ability myself, my son Paul Epworth and daughter Mary Epworth have both enjoyed success in the world of music. I wish I could say that there were genetic reasons for this!

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author on June 27, 2014 12:16 pm

Please suggest other brief trigger examples

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